Design Verification Testing 6 in Hull

Andrew Orr and Tom Kirk performed a second round of design verification testing at Smith + Nephew’s site in Hull at the end of May. Thank you to Ben Askem and Andrea Maggiore for organising the test programme and acquiring the data. The objectives were  to further investigate the variability of individual components of theContinue reading “Design Verification Testing 6 in Hull”

Update on OxVent ventilator programme

The OxVent group, comprised of scientists, clinicians and medical technology manufacturers from the University of Oxford, King’s College London and Smith+Nephew, has been proud to mobilise quickly in response to the anticipated need for ventilators to support the NHS in treating patients with COVID-19. The UK government has confirmed that, due to actual clinical need,Continue reading “Update on OxVent ventilator programme”

OxVent team deployed to Smith+Nephew

As part of the design handover, a team from OxVent has spent the past 10 days (and nights) at Smith+Nephew, Hull, translating an academic prototype into a safe, reliable and manufacturable product that can be approved by MHRA. This team has worked tirelessly and with huge creativity alongside our Smith+Nephew colleagues to overcome technical hardwareContinue reading “OxVent team deployed to Smith+Nephew”

OxVent gets green light by UK government to proceed to next stage of testing

It was announced last night that our team has been shortlisted by the UK government to go to the next stage of testing for safety and usability for our ventilator prototype. This is following the government’s recent callout for rapidly deployable ventilator designs in response to the Coronavirus pandemic and forecasted acute shortage of ventilators.Continue reading “OxVent gets green light by UK government to proceed to next stage of testing”